Welcome to our product designer!

We have an easy to use designer to help you achieve your design, if you need assistance please feel free to contact us. We do recommend using alternate programs, such as INKSCAPE (free), for more detail and control of your design. Although this isn’t necessary, as you can achieve the same results using our designer.
Let your creativity flow!
Please note:
  • No Copyright images as we are unable to print and sell images that belong to someone else.
  • All designs must be black/transparent only. There are no color alterations. If you submit a colored design it will be printed in black.
If you have your own design made on another program, you can submit the design for print.
Please submit images in SVG format to Info@YogizMat.com.
We will not sell or redistribute customer images to anyone but the original submitter.
The canvas size for the Cork Mat is 1850mm x 680mm.
The canvas size for the Cork Block is 225mm x 135mm.
If you need assistance making a design, we are here to help. Just send us an email!
  • Mat/Block will change from the Cork Mat view to the Cork Block view (Default view is cork mat). Please note that any changes made without saving will be lost when you switch between products.
  • After you add an image or text you can manipulate it by using the buttons below the image/text.
  • All images will need to be black with a transparent background, Please use the advanced image editor option when you add a image that needs alteration.
  • To make an image transparent, open the advanced image icon below the image once added. Then click color manipulation then click reduce whites. We can help if this is a bit of a challenge. Just contact us by email: Info@YogizMat.com, or the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen
  • Do not try to cover the YogizMat logo, we will move your images on the final print so the logo is visible.
Once you have completed your design please fill out your name and email below to submit your design.
You can save your design and finish it at a later date by clicking the SAVE icon in the bottom left corner of the designer.
To load your design at a later date, please click the load design button in the bottom left corner of the designer.
We will contact you to confirm the final design as some designs will need alteration, don’t worry we are here to help!

Please submit your design to us by clicking send. We require your information so we can can contact you about the design.

We will not add your email to a mailing list or send you any marketing material.


-YogizMat Team