Care Instructions


All yoga mats need love!

  • Let the mat dry fully before rolling it up. This can take a few minutes depending on wetness.
  • Clean by gently rubbing with water and a cloth.
  • To remove hard stains, add a small amount of dish soap to a wet cloth.
  • Do not leave the mat in a hot car as this can cause deformation. 
  • Although our pets love to join us, their nails may scratch the surface.
  • Due to the natural top layer, scuffs and stains may show up. This does not affect the performance and most can be wiped away.
  • The plant layer is antimicrobial, so it does not hold on to germs.
  • The mat does not absorb liquid, it dissipates and evaporates moisture.
  • Yoga socks or shoes are not recommended or required. 


Please care for your mat like it is a natural product because it is! To maintain the integrity of your natural cork surface, please follow these care instructions:

  • Always roll cork side out and never fold or crease your mat.
  • Never leave your mat in high heat, such as inside your car, this may cause it to distort!
  • Minimal cleaning is required but when needed, clean with mild soap, water, and gently rub.
  • Hang or roll loosely to dry after cleaning and sweaty practices.
  • Avoid using lotion/sunscreen if wet, as this may cause staining!
  • No shoes, sharp objects, or heavy weights!
  • Please try keeping your larger furry friends off the mat, as their nails may damage the cork.


At YogizMat, we believe every yogi deserves the grip they desire at every session by providing grip that sticks in dry and wet flows.

The added grip is still low-maintenance, but when you first receive the mat, your grip will be “extra-sticky”. So, allow some grace and don’t judge it too hard before you use it a few times. The grip becomes better with a few uses, just like a pair of brand-new shoes you need to break in.

However, due to the stickiness of the grip, you may find that it clings to dust, hiding the grip you love (or maybe you like it with less grip). If your mat holds onto dust or clothing fibres, wipe it gently with a damp cloth to refresh your grip to like-new!


Macrame style yoga mat straps are handwoven with natural cotton and wooden rings to give style and care to carrying your yoga mat. Please follow these steps to maintain your straps:

  • Don’t pull or put excessive force on the wooden rings, as they may break. 
  • Don’t pull on frayed pieces of cotton, it’s part of the look.
  • If needed, clean with mild soap, water, and gently rub.


Your new blocks are strong and durable but still require some tender love and care! Follow these care tips to keep your cork blocks looking new:

  • Minimal cleaning is required but when needed, clean with mild soap, water, and gently rub.
  • Try to limit the weight on your block to 350lbs
  • Apply water for extra grip but do not use lotion on the wet surface, this may cause staining!
  • Please try keeping your pets away from cork surfaces as they can be damaged by sharp objects.

If you experience any issues with your products, please contact us!

We will be more than happy to assist you.